Hire our Private Chef

For the ultimate experience at Camp Island allow us to book our Executive Chef to cater for your stay.

Our chef curates bespoke menus based on guests' likes and dislikes, and incorporates any freshly caught fish.

Each dish is meticulously prepared from scratch using locally sourced produce, inspiring a deep connection to the region's flavours. While seafood often takes center stage, the menu is adaptable to accommodate varying preferences, ensuring a memorable dining experience for all. Whether indulging in exquisite seafood delicacies or exploring other culinary delights, guests can expect a gastronomic journey that delights the senses and leaves a lasting impression.

Below is our sample menu, but this will vary based on your choices and likes/dislikes when you book with us:


Richard Webb - Chef Bio

Richard Webb

Richard Webb, a renowned chef with a passion for sustainable seafood, has always had an intrinsic connection with fish and their habitats. From his early days spent catching yabbies in local creeks to fishing at the beach and exploring rockpools, Webb's childhood was filled with aquatic adventures.

However, despite his deep love for fish, Webb found himself incorporating mainstream seafood into his restaurant's menu due to their popularity among customers and ease of availability. It wasn't until a pivotal moment, that he realized the importance of aligning his culinary practices with his values.

Determined to make a change, Webb took a bold step by removing options like swordfish and yellowfin tuna from his menu. This decision posed a challenge as he struggled to find suitable alternatives, especially considering the lack of certified sustainable fisheries in his home state of Queensland.

Turning to research and direct contact with organizations like the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), Webb embarked on a journey to educate himself about sustainable seafood options. Through conversations with industry professionals and initiatives like Australia's Sustainable Seafood Guide and the AMCS's Healthy Oceans program, he began to navigate the complex world of sustainable fisheries.

Recognizing the value of direct communication, Webb emphasizes the importance of engaging with fish farms and suppliers to gain deeper insights into their practices. He advocates for an online forum where chefs, fishmongers, and fishers can exchange ideas, ask questions, and collectively work towards promoting sustainable seafood practices.

Driven by his commitment to sustainability and a genuine love for fish, Richard Webb continues to inspire change within the culinary industry, one responsible menu choice at a time. Through his efforts, he hopes to encourage others to join the movement towards a more sustainable future for our oceans and marine life.