Off-island Experiances

Great Barrier Reef excursion

One of the exclusive off-island experiences offered by Camp Island Lodge is a day trip to Stanley Reef and Old Reef.

These hidden gems lie just an hour's transfer from Camp Island, boasting magnificent underwater worlds untouched by any other operator or resort.

Guests have the rare opportunity to immerse themselves in these reefs, enjoying the unparalleled experience of often having the entire reef to themselves.

Accompanied by our knowledgeable caretakers, visitors embark on a spectacular journey filled with fishing and snorkeling adventures. The reefs are teeming with abundant coral formations and a myriad of colourful fish species, creating a mesmerizing underwater spectacle.

With luck, you may even catch a glimpse of green turtles feeding off the coral that thrives in these underwater havens.

Cape Upstart

Allow us to whisk you away on an excursion to Cape Upstart National Park. This secluded beach paradise awaits, offering ample space for a day filled with fun activities like Battle Blocks or Beach cricket.

The Cape is magnificent with dramatic scenery and crystal clear water - grab some snorkelling equipment to see some spectacular fish and corals. If you have the time a trip to Cape Upstart is a must-do!

Charter Options

We have a number of charter experiences available for those looking for extra adventure. 


By far my favourite island on the east coast and that is before we even start talking about the endless fishing possibilities.
Adam, Facebook Review