Watch majestic whales migrate past Camp Island Lodge between June and September. Encounter these gentle giants in their natural habitat and experience the remarkable biodiversity of the Whitsunday region.


These endearing marsupials can be spotted bouncing around the island's National Park, adding a touch of enchantment to your island retreat. With their distinctive hopping gait and curious nature, wallabies offer guests a unique opportunity to observe Australia's iconic wildlife.


Guests have encountered echidnas, delightful and elusive creatures, on Camp Island. It’s always a rare opportunity to observe them in their natural habitat, and what better place to see them than on your own private island!


Camp Island offers guests the incredible opportunity to witness green turtles in their natural habitat, as they gracefully swim and feed off the reef right in front of the lodges. Guests often give us feedback reporting that their morning coffee on their verandas was a wondrous experience as they can see the turtles coming up for air mid-feed, right in front of them.


Calling all avid bird watchers! Camp Island boasts a diverse array of avian species waiting to be discovered.

Witness the majestic Osprey during breeding season from April to July as they soar through the skies, showcasing their impressive hunting skills.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Torres Strait Island pigeon, a captivating sight as they migrate daily to the mainland to feed, returning to the island at dusk. Breeding from August to January, these elegant birds grace the island with their presence in the warmer months.

Marvel at the Pied pigeon, Silver eye, and Little finch, breeding from September to December, filling the air with their melodious songs and vibrant plumage.

Spot the elegant Eastern curlews, a rare sight but with one pair residing on the island, an eager bird-watcher could spot more. 

Catch glimpses of the majestic Sea Eagles as they visit the island randomly, or Oyster crackers who nest along the beach from April to July.

Watch as Seagulls gracefully glide through the air, a common sight throughout the year, while the Crimson crested doves breed year-round, with a peak in the warmer months.

Finally, listen for the enchanting melodies of the Golden Whistler, breeding from September to January.

By far my favourite island on the east coast and that is before we even start talking about the endless fishing possibilities.
Adam, Facebook Review