Forever starts here

Forever starts here: Caitlin & Jake's unforgettable engagement

Nestled amidst the serene beauty of Camp Island, Caitlin and Jake's love story blossomed during their recent getaway, taking an enchanting twist. After a decade together, the couple embarked on a trip for Jake's cousin Holly's 30th birthday. Little did Caitlin know, Jake had been under mounting pressure to propose for years. Despite suggestions from friends and even a group chat about proposing on the island, Jake had adamantly denied the idea. However, behind the scenes, Jake had been secretly planning…

On the day of their departure, Jake feigned work commitments while secretly purchasing Caitlin's ring with her father's help.

The journey to the island was not without its drama, as Jake "lost" his backpack, which, unbeknownst to Caitlin, contained the ring. Panic ensued until Holly miraculously appeared with the missing bag. Throughout their stay, Jake continued to fend off well-meaning comments about proposals, all while maintaining his stance that it wasn't happening.

On the evening of May 22nd, as the group gathered on Sunset Beach to watch the sun dip lower, Jake devised a playful prank to trick his family into thinking he was proposing. Caitlin, unsuspecting, played along until Jake dropped to one knee and produced the ring. Shocked and overwhelmed, Caitlin said yes, and the beach erupted with cheers and tears of joy.

Returning to the lodges, the couple called their families to share the news, who were elated by the surprise engagement. Caitlin was especially grateful to Holly for graciously sharing her milestone birthday celebration with their engagement. As they continued to celebrate Holly's birthday the next day, Caitlin proudly flaunted her dream engagement ring, a stunning 1.25ct Solitaire from Michael Hill.